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 From Asian  Streets   to Table

Thailand, as well as South East Asian region, is known for it's amazing food scene. But it's not always the top notch restaurants that will bring you to the core of Asian culinary. It is the tiny food carts and stalls hidden in every corner of the streets that will take you to the top of the food scene. The art, culture, and delicacy is found in every meal served to locals. Chef AJ, born and grown in Thailand, has brought some of these popular creations to Orlando for you to enjoy. Explore our menu and experience the art of rice meals from half the world away! 

Meet Our Chef

Chef and entrepreneur AJ was born raised in Thailand. His early life as a musician had taken him all over different regions of the country. His passion in culinary started when he traveled through the provinces and experienced all the diversity of Thai and South East Asian food each place had to offer. Migrated to the US in 1998, chef AJ has pursued his career in food industry and gained expertise in both eastern and western culinary as an Executive Chef.  


"We are all born with the love of good music and good food"

Chef AJ

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